50Hz Solutions is the Australia representative for BVM Systems, Coil Innovation, DILO, EMSPEC, MGC Moser Glaser, MS Resistances, Pfiffner, RITZ, SZM, Tridelta Meidensha and Unipower. Using these trusted manufacturers, 50Hz Solutions is able to provide a wide range of high voltage electrical equipment for the generation, transmission, distribution, OEM, mining and industrial energy sectors.


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SF6 Gas Handling Equipment

Service carts. Measuring instruments. Accessories. Fittings.


Transformer and wall bushings.

Power Quality Devices

Fixed and portable meters. PQ Sensor.

Instrument Transformers

Medium and high voltage. Indoor and outdoor. CTs and VTs.

Air Core Reactors

Reactors and line traps.

Surge Arresters

High voltage arresters. Porcelain and polymer. Accessories.

Dry Type Transformers

Oil filled power transformers. Dry type transformers.

Insulated Busbar

Medium and high voltage busbar.

Power Resistors

Neutral earthing, load bank, damping resistors.

Retrofit Circuit Breakers

Various horizontal racking breaker trucks and operating mechanisms.