Dry Type Transformers

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Despite their name, RITZ Instrument Transformers manufactures a number of products in addition to their staple cast resin current and voltage transformers. Their specialist knowledge of cast resin and vacuum impregnation technologies allows them to produce dry type power transformers up to 40.5kV and 25MVA using glass fibre reinforced vacuum technology (GVT) and/or cast resin encapsulation.


Wide Range of Applications

RITZ’s dry type transformers are perfectly suited for a number of applications including power distribution, generator excitation, rectifier drives, traction supply, oil/gas platforms and earthing transformers. The winding/core assemblies can either be supplied on a galvanised steel frame with rollers or within IP54 rated metal enclosures for indoor or outdoor use.


Transformers using RITZ’s technology are designed according to the IEC/Australian standards and fulfil all climatic, environmental and fire protection requirements including: Environmental class E2, Climate class C2, Fire Protection class F1 and Basic surge level list 2.


Dry type transformers offer clear safety and environmental benefits over oil filled alternatives making them perfect for use in indoor substations, mining applications, environmentally sensitive areas, high rise buildings, power stations and offshore platforms.


Main Design Features

Coils are partial discharge free and protected against surges. The designs offer high protection from short circuit and high mechanical strength. Channels in the HV and LV coils provide an efficient means of cooling. Tapping links are brought to the outside of each coil and provide for offload voltage adjustment.


Transformers are supplied with thermistors embedded in each LV coil brought out to external terminals for connection to relays providing alarm and trip contacts.