Outdoor SF6 CTs and VTs


Pfiffner Germany was founded in July 2010 to expand the product range of the Pfiffner group to SF6 gas insulated high voltage outdoor instrument transformers from 245kV up to 550kV. Although relatively new, the Pfiffner Germany SF6 instrument transformer factory is already supplying units to a number of countries around Europe.


Key staff have extensive histories in SF6 instrument transformer design and production. Pfiffner Germany provides an exciting opportunity for SF6 instrument transformers in Australia – giving this market a source of independent supply for such specialised transformers.


Pfiffner’s produces SF6 combined instrument transformers, providing a space saving solution for combined current and voltage measurement. The design incorporates current transformer cores in the top head housing and voltage transformer windings in the base housing.


Savings in space, civil, external cabling and associated construction costs make the combined CT/VT a useful alternative to discrete units.