Measuring Instruments


The DILO product range includes a variety of SF6 monitoring and measurement units to ensure SF6 integrity is maintained in switchgear, GIS and storage vessels. Devices available include:

  • Multi-analyser (for measuring SF6 Moisture, Volume % and SO2 content) with integrated gas collection
  • Individual measuring devices (older models)
  • Decomposition products analyser
  • SF6 “sniffer” for leak detection
  • SF6 monitoring/warning device for detecting SF6 leaks in closed rooms

DILO’s SF6 multi-analyser provides a complete solution for the measuring of key gas quality parameters with fully integrated gas storage and pump-back. There is no longer a need for a separate gas collection device or cumbersome recovery kit/bag. The 3-038-R multi-analyser allows the user to determine the three most important parameters (SF6 Moisture, Volume % and SO2 content) with only one gas measurement. Optional HF, H2S and CO concentration modules are also available.


The key benefit of the device is the fully integrated gas recirculation system. The device collects the measuring gas within its internal storage tank by means of a compressor. After measurement, the stored measuring gas is pumped back automatically into the gas compartment/switchgear (or optionally retained). Most critically, no SF6 gas is released into the atmosphere.