MS Resistances

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MS Resistances, based in Lyon France, has been manufacturing power resistors for over 30 years.


Calculating and designing a resistor is a task that requires knowledge and a deep understanding of the characteristics of the resistive technology. Most importantly, designing a resistor for 30 or 40 years of service requires extensive experience and technical know how.


MS Resistances manufacturers resistors using a variety of technologies:


R and C grids for applications that require high ohmic values, high continuous power absorption, very high short time power absorption or high BIL withstand. The R and C grids are made in-house with state of the art cutting, welding and assembly machinery.


JF grids are used in resistors requiring low ohmic values, very high current, very high continuous power absorption and high BIL.


Finally, SCE and SCEN wire wound designs are used for very high ohmic values (up to 5kΩ per element) and very high BIL withstands.


Each resistor is thoroughly tested before leaving the factory, including visual inspection, dimensions inspection, ohmic value measurement at ambient temperature, high voltage power frequency and insulation resistance measurement.


MS Resistances range of speciality resistors is suitable for a range of applications including:

  • Load bank resistors – to simulate electrical loads
  • Neutral earthing resistors – to limit fault currents within a three-phase power transformer or generator
  • Damping resistors – to absorb harmonic currents in order to limit the distortion transmitted to the network
  • Air cooled motor starting resistors – to reduce starting current
  • Marine braking resistors –  to apply a load to dissipate kinetic energy when braking or stopping a vessel
  • Pre-insertion / discharge resistors – to limit transients during circuit energisation

Resistor banks can be supplied with integrated switches, current transformers and/or voltage transformers.