Our History

50Hz Solutions

50Hz Solutions and Powereng share a 20+ year history in the Australian energy sector. Key milestones include:


1989          Powereng established by Graham Evans – initially representing MWB and SIBA

1992          Began representation of EBG and ELIN transformers (now Siemens)

1993          Delivered first SF6 current transformers in Australia

1993          Began representation of WTW (now RITZ Instrument Transformers)

2000          Powereng appointed exclusive agent for Trench (now Siemens)

2004          Trench acquired by Siemens. Powereng continues representation

2007          Powereng appointed agent for EMSPEC in Australia

2010          50Hz Solutions established to manage RITZ, MGC Moser Glaser, EMSPEC and DILO products

2010          Introduced Bryson Derbyshire as Director of 50Hz Solutions

2011          Geoff Manthey joins 50Hz Solutions

2012          Powereng ceases to be agent for Trench. 50Hz Solutions continues relationship with HSP

2012          50Hz Solutions appointed exclusive agent for Coil Innovation

2013          Bryson Derbyshire appointed Managing Director of 50Hz Solutions

2013          50Hz Solutions appointed exclusive agent for Pfiffner, Tridelta, and Unipower AB

2013          50Hz Solutions appointed exclusive agent for BVM Systems

2015          50Hz Solutions achieves AS/ISO 9001 Certification

2019          Dennis Sandrone joins 50Hz Solutions

2019          50Hz Solutions ceases relationship with HSP

2020          50Hz Solutions establishes Australian DILO Service Centre