Disconnectors and Earth Switches

The key products for substation applications include EMSPEC’s high voltage disconnectors and earth switches. A range of models cover voltages from 12kV up to 550kV and include double-break, vertical break, centre-break, semi-pantograph, side break, rocker type, hook stick and vertical V type operating principles. EMSPEC’s design capability and precision manufacturing processes allow for the production of high quality primary contact systems, maintenance free dry lubricant bearings, extruded aluminium current carry parts (no cast materials are used) and high strength hot dip galvanised steel members and frames.


Associated Components


All of our disconnector and earth switch products can be supplied with galavanised steel structures to either standard or customer specific design requirements. Post insulators of either porcelain or composite/polymer types can also be supplied if required. 50Hz Solutions works with local partners to supply structures to Australian Standards and maintain production/logistics efficiencies.


High Current Switches


EMSPEC manufactures a range of high current switches primarily for power generation and heavy industry applications.


Special Applications


As well as air break disconnect switches, EMSPEC is able to provide switches with integrated vacuum interrupters to enable magnetising current and load make/break switching.


Motor Drive Mechanism


EMSPEC products are able to be supplied with either manual and/or motorised drive mechanisms. The MR180 motor drive incorporates a secure manual override to permit normal manual operation if necessary, is fitted in a 304 stainless steel/powder coated enclosure and allows for up to 20 adjustable auxiliary switches.