Indoor CTs and VTs

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RITZ manufactures block type models for indoor applications up to 36kV. Models are sized according to DIN 42600 dimensional standards which means that they are fully interchangeable with equivalent units from other manufacturers or those installed in older/existing switchboards. Models are available in many configurations including reversed P1/P2 orientation, primary terminal shrouds and various primary terminal types.


Current Transformers


Current transformer designs include narrow/small and standard/long models and allow for various quantities and classes of metering/protection cores (including PX class) to be included. Units can be supplied to AS60044.1 or the older AS1675.


Voltage Transformers


Voltage transformer types are available as single pole (non-uniformly insulated) or double pole (uniformly insulated) models with up to two protection or metering windings. Models can be supplied for fixed mounting or with integrated fuse holder/fuse for withdrawable applications. Voltage transformers are able to be supplied to AS60044.2 or the older AS1243.