Outdoor Cast Resin CTs and VTs

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RITZ’s range of cast resin current and voltage transformers includes outdoor models up to 72.5kV. The wide range of models available provides lightweight, environmentally friendly, maintenance free and cost effective alternatives to oil/paper designs. Units can be supplied with certified metering classes to standards having mutual recognition with NATA.


Current Transformers


RITZ manufactures a number of current transformer designs for metering and protection applications including PX class, multi-core and-tapped windings. Units can be supplied to AS60044.1 or the older AS1675. The smaller GIFK, GIFS and GSWF provide economical post type designs, whilst the larger GIF types (up to 72.5kV) are a head type design allowing larger and numerous secondary windings. RITZ’s smallest units are frequently used for capacitor out-of-balance protection applications with small ratios and short time withstand current requirements.


Voltage Transformers


A number of voltage transformer types are available including VEF and GSEF single pole (non-uniformly insulated) or VZF double pole (uniformly insulated) models with up to two protection or metering windings. Voltage transformers are able to be supplied to AS60044.2 or the older AS1243.


In addition to traditional metering and protection applications RITZ’s outdoor voltage transformers can be designed with ratios for 110V/240V power supply and VA output up to 2000VA (depending on primary voltage). These units are therefore a real alternative to small oil-filled transformers in remote locations where local supplies are not available. Smaller units up to 36kV can also be used for pole mounted applications (eg. recloser supplies).