Long Rod Insulators

Porcelain Long Rod Insulator


Porcelain long rod insulators are used in power transmission lines and are available up to 400kN mechanical tensile load. LAPP is able to design the complete insulator string including hardware accessories. Creepage up to 50mm/kV, voltage class from 1-110kV (>170kV in strings) and maximum length of 2000mm are possible.


Composite Long Rod Insulators


Insulators are also available with silicon rubber coating for improved pollution performance.


LAPP’s unique Rodurflex modular system for long rod insulators is the key design feature to offer flexible lengths, creepage distances, shed profiles and a wide range of end fittings matching customer requirements. Voltage class 1-110kV (>800kV serial coupling of single pieces), maximum length of 6m as a single design, 1500kN SML and 55mm/kV creepage.


The unique manufacturing process of the Rodurflex system provides a seamless design for both the insulating sheds as well as the silicone coating over the rod, preventing any chance of ingress of moisture within the insulator.