Fixed PQ Meters

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Unipower’s UP-2110 / UP-2210R Power Quality Meter is a fixed PQ meter for quality of supply measurement.


To ensure accuracy in the measurements, each UP-2210 unit is certified in accordance with the measure standard IEC 61000-4-30, Class A. This makes the measure data fully reliable and the measure units can therefore be used in reference measurements.


The UP-2210 unit works as an advanced power quality meter and at the same time as a fault recorder. All of the power quality parameters can be analysed in accordance with voltage quality standards such as the EN 50 160. The UP-2210 unit captures both steady state disturbances (harmonics, flicker etc) as well as rapid voltage changes (sag/swell events and fast transients).


The PQSecure system will automatically transfer data from the UP-2210 units to the central SQL database according to a user-specified time schedule. The software will also analyse the measure result and show it as events in an event list or as graphical data.