Portable PQ Meters

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Unipower’s Unilyzer 900 (U900) power quality meter is a portable device for quality of supply measurement.


Unilyzer 900 is designed for electric power distribution companies to investigate customer complaints but it can be used by anyone wanting to troubleshoot problems or to do optimisations in the power network.


Its lightweight compact size, together with the IP65 protection and ruggedness makes the Unilyzer 900 an ideal tool for all field measurements. It has no moving parts and has been tested in real, tough environments. The instrument complies with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A or S for power quality measurements. It can store data within its standard memory for up to 5 months or longer with an optional extended memory.


The innovative design includes integrated Wi-Fi and a free App available at Google Play for real time monitoring and remote download.   You can easily connect to Unilyzer 900 from any computer or smartphone. With the new external mounting box and bracket for pole-mounting applications there is no need to climb up poles to read your data.


Unilyzer 900 uses the same PQSecure software for analysis and reporting and data files can easily be imported into the same SQL database for time comparison with fixed meters in the network.