PQ Sensor

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The unique PQ Sensor enables accurate harmonic and power quality measurements to be made using High Voltage Substation Capacitor Voltage Transformers (CVTs). PQ Sensor provides a standard 63.5V output and is compatible will all commonly used Power Quality Meters, Fault Recorders and Power System recorders. It can be used at any voltage level where CVTs are installed.


It accurately measures frequencies up to the 100th harmonic and faithfully reproduces power system transients up to 1MHz. The device allows CVTs to be used for accurate measurement of all power quality parameters including low frequency phenomena like ferroresonance and sub synchronous resonance. The correct Harmonics and flicker are reproduced accurately over a wide bandwidth from sub-synchronous harmonics to high frequencies.


PQ Sensor can be retrofitted to existing installed CVTs and can be supplied factory fitted by CVT manufacturers including Pfiffner Instrument Transformers supplied by 50Hz Solutions. The device has no impact on the normal operation and measurement capabilities of the CVT.