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50Hz Solutions is the exclusive representative in Australia and New Zealand for Coil Innovation who manufacture in a state of the art factory in Eferding (near Linz) in Austria. The founders of Coil Innovation share extensive combined experience in the field of air core reactors; including design and manufacturing.


Innovation in Coil Winding Technology


Unlike traditional reactor manufacturing, Coil Innovation uses a winding method whereby the length of each winding layer is continuously monitored to allow fine adjustment of conductor dimensions. This results in extremely fine tolerance of the inductance; hence optimum current and temperature distribution within the individual parallel winding layers. This manufacturing precision ensures the longest life and design performance of the reactor.


Low Noise Reactor Innovation


The ever growing demand for electrical equipment with extremely low sound levels has prompted the development of very low noise reactors. Coil Innovations’ patented sound mitigation technology allows ultra low noise designs to be manufactured. Its state of the art sound measurement test laboratory is able to simulate operation at various loads and harmonic frequencies.