Tridelta Meidensha Surge Arresters

50Hz Solutions is the exclusive representative of Tridelta Meidensha surge arresters in Australia. Tridelta Meidensha manufacturers a wide range of transmission class surge arresters up to 800kV in both polymer and porcelain technologies in their facilities in Germany. For more than 50 years Tridelta Meidensha has manufactured surge arresters for worldwide markets with the highest quality and reliability and proven service history. In 2015, Tridelta Meidensha became part of Meiden Corporation of Japan.


Tridelta Meidensha offers a broad portfolio of surge arresters for the application on high voltage up to 800kV. The reliable SB series is constructed with a porcelain housing, whilst the SBK, SBKC and SBKT series’ utilises a moulded silicone insulator.


The broad range of Tridelta Meidensha surge arresters offer optimal overvoltage protection for different demand and application areas. They are perfect for applications with the very highest mechanical requirements such as for regions with high seismic activity, or when using the arrester as support.


Tridelta Meidensha arresters with silicone insulators use high quality LSR Silicone, which keeps its hydrophobic and UV-resistant/non ageing properties over the complete service life and ensures excellent artificial pollution performance. Tridelta Meidensha’s outstanding sealing system prevents any moisture ingress and assures a long service life time.