High Voltage Surge Arresters

Tridelta manufactures a wide range of high voltage surge arresters up to 550kV in both silicon and porcelain technologies. Silicon insulator designs utilise one of three design/construction principles: modular, cage or tube.

  • Modular design models have a lightweight woven/wrapped construction and provide a very cost effective option available for up to LDC 3 applications.
  • Cage design models provide a higher strength solution up to LDC 4 and are constructed with FRP rods to reinforce the active part.
  • The very high strength tube design models provide the highest performance arresters up to LDC 5 and are constructed using a fibre reinforced tube between the active part and silicon sheds.

Tridelta have been producing porcelain arresters since 1962. Metal oxide varistors with a high energy absorption capacity and an excellent sealing system will ensure a long service life. They use porcelain from European manufacturers for the production of these arresters.


In addition TRIDELTA offers an extensive range of transmission line arresters – a cost-effective solution to protect overhead transmission lines, reduce potential line outages and enhance system reliability.


Tridelta have their own ZnO varistor block production in-house. This technology has been developed in conjunction with universities and technical institutes and results in the production of over 1.5 million blocks per year. In 2009, Tridelta Germany purchased AREVA Parafoudres, and now produces medium voltage arresters and ZnO blocks in France. This acquisition has strengthened Tridelta as a quality independent supplier of surge arresters, with the vast bulk of its manufacturing processes and capabilities performed in in-house.